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      Dead Light Shines emerges from the Arizona music scene as a very unique female-fronted modern rock act. Their sound is defined by melodic vocal delivery over heavy, hook-laden guitars and an impenetrable, groove-oriented rhythm section. This fusion of uncompromising riffing, invigorating choruses, and expert arranging has created a sound that demands attention. 


     Dead Light Shines is the result of a decade long musical journey conducted by Norm Wall and Kelly Morales. Janette Martyn provides the voice of the band; fusing her diverse background in theater, dance and art to create a larger than life persona onstage.

     Norm is the mad scientist guitarist who carefully writes and arranges the material, blending influences from all generations and sub-genres of rock and metal. Kelly uses his skillful bass playing to create agile depth and nuanced passages, melding his articulate tone with the punchy technical wizardry of drummer Stephen Mallicoat. 


     There is something for every listener in the music, each song carefully crafted to deliver maximum sonic effect. Dead Light Shines is poised to shake the foundation of the Arizona scene.

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